Slow Stitch Stories Workshop for Kids

About the Event

Ignite your child's imagination in a delightful adventure with artist Catherine Summers at our enchanting Slow Stitch Workshop designed just for kids. Immerse your young ones in the captivating world of hand stitching, encouraging a leisurely and contemplative pace that puts mindfulness, creativity, and the meditative magic of stitching at the forefront.

Watch as your child discovers the basics of slow stitching, from simple techniques like the running stitch to the fascinating realm of Boro stitching for fabric mending and embellishment. Under Catherine's expert guidance, they'll explore the joy of crafting fabric collages using these unhurried techniques, learning to incorporate scraps, repurpose old clothes, and experiment with an array of materials to create their own unique textile art.

For those seeking an extra touch of flair, there's an exciting introduction to embroidery stitches. Participants can play with a variety of embroidery techniques, adding intricate details to their creations, mending worn items, and injecting their own creativity into the process.

Encourage your child to join the supportive sharing circle during the workshop, where they can exchange experiences, showcase their masterpieces, and even weave personal stories and emotions into their stitching, transforming it into a deeply meaningful and reflective adventure.

Let this workshop be a haven for your child's self-discovery as they experiment with different stitches and techniques, uncovering their unique style. Allow them to immerse themselves in the meditative and therapeutic aspects of slow stitching, ensuring they depart not only with a beautiful creation but also a renewed sense of creativity and inner calm. Enrol your child in this workshop for an unforgettable and enriching artistic experience!

Suitable for ages 8 to 16 years.
Materials included.

About the Artist - Catherine Summers

Catherine Summers, a skilled artist hailing from the rugged Flinders Rangers, embarked on her creative journey early in life. Growing up in an environment that fostered artistic expression, she navigated high school with art lessons conducted through correspondence, and her cherished art supplies arrived neatly packaged in a box, a keepsake she still treasures.

Upon settling in Cleve, Catherine immersed herself in the world of quilting, dedicating 25 years to the Quilters group. Over time, her artistic evolution led her from traditional quilting to the realm of creative textile art, seamlessly merging into textiles and mixed media. For Catherine, creating art is not just a passion but a lifeline; she is addicted to the processes of drawing, stitching, painting, and sewing.

Harnessing her accumulated skills, Catherine transforms her collection of fabrics and papers into captivating small artworks and journals. Recently making a home in the picturesque Barossa Valley, Catherine has discovered new opportunities to showcase her art. In pursuit of her artistic aspirations, she has initiated a small creative business known as Fibre Bird Studio, where she continues to share her unique vision with the world.

Workshop Features

  • Textiles


  • Catherine Summers


  • Chateau Yaldara


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Key Details

Date: 07/04/2024

Time: 10am to 1pm

Duration: 3 hours

Price: $45.00

Venue Information

Chateau Yaldara

159 Hermann Thumm Dr, Lyndoch SA 5351, Australia




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