Rebecca Eglinton at Coulthard House Barn

About Rebecca Eglinton

Acrylic / Watercolour

Rebecca Eglinton, a 23-year-old artist residing in the Barossa Valley, specializes in watercolour as her preferred medium, although she also adeptly utilizes charcoal, acrylics, pastels, inks, and more in her artistic practice. Through these diverse mediums, Rebecca crafts mystical and astral artworks that narrate tales of imaginative worlds and the characters inhabiting them, drawing inspiration from her dreams, visions, and innermost thoughts. 

Employing creative writing alongside her visual creations, Rebecca ensures that viewers are fully immersed in the stories she seeks to convey. Since joining Tutti Arts in 2018, Rebecca has found a supportive platform for exploring her artistic voice and experimenting with various styles. This journey has not only facilitated her expression through art but also through storytelling, encouraging her to delve deeper into narrative exploration.

Join Artists Joshua Ramsey, Rebecca Eglinton and Johanna Roberts at the Coulthard House Barn in their first collective stand-alone exhibition as part of the Barossa Arts Festival.

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