Peter Colbey at El Estanco

About Peter Colbey


Peter Colby resides in the Adelaide Hills, hailing from a family with a rich artistic heritage. His chosen artistic medium revolves primarily around rusted, recycled metal. Employing the technique of welding together various pieces of scrap metal, he skillfully molds these elements into diverse shapes, collectively crafting captivating artworks.

The allure of this medium stems from his fascination with the notion of transmuting aged and discarded objects into objects of beauty. By utilizing items recognizable for their former lives, he not only imparts a sense of history to his creations but also infuses them with a remarkable uniqueness.

Each of Colby's artworks bears its own distinct character and originality. They initiate as mere ideas and undergo a continual evolution throughout the creative journey. His portfolio boasts exhibitions at both local and interstate sculpture events, where he notably earned the Scrap to Art award at the Lake Light Sculpture Show in Jindabyne, New South Wales.

Peter Colby hopes that you derive immense pleasure from the visual tapestry of his work on display.

    El Estanco

    El Estanco is named and inspired by a hole-in-the-wall ‘tabaqueria’ originating in South America and initially a shop where alcohol, cigarettes and stamps were sold, over time, it became a place to gather, socialise, eat and love in small towns across the continent.

    Cooked over fire and with our own unique twist, our menu celebrates wholesome, seasonal, local produce, best shared for the full experience. 

    Plating up dishes rich in tradition and influenced by our Head Chef’s Colombian heritage, we believe food is how we come together. Simple and honest, to be enjoyed with family, with friends, with wine, with laughter, with love. 

    We look forward to having you!

    Venue Features

    • Food Available

    • Restaurant

    • Wheelchair Accessible

    Opening Hours

    Monday - 8am to 4pm

    Tuesday - Closed

    Wednesday - Closed

    Thursday - 8am to 4pm

    Friday - 8am to 10pm

    Saturday - 8am to 4pm

    Sunday - 8am to 4pm

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