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About Matt Sheehy


Matt Sheehy is an artist who discovered his innate ability to externalize the visions in his mind's eye at a very young age. This talent has evolved into the driving force of his life. Throughout his artistic journey, painting has remained a constant source of solace and purpose, guiding him through the highs and lows of existence. His art springs forth from a rich tapestry woven from the threads of waking life, dreams, and meditative states of consciousness. For Matt, there exists a seamless connection between his thoughts, life experiences, and his artwork. To him, art represents the fusion of the objective and subjective, where external reality and the imaginal realm converge. His overarching goal as an artist is to expand the horizons of people's minds, to present them with images that are entirely novel and unique. By introducing viewers to the unfamiliar, he believes in facilitating the acceptance of the previously unknown, fostering an ever-expanding feedback loop of novelty. In Matt Sheehy's creations, one can witness thought forms made flesh, brought to life through the perceptions of those who behold them. His artistic endeavour is a dance on the edge of reality, a daring exploration that aims to capture and convey the ineffable visions he encounters in his mind's eye.

Laughing Jack Wines

At Laughing Jack, we do things a little differently… we are a small family winery and tasting with us is an experience.  We invite you to learn about not just our wines but come and be part of our family for a little while.

Just as you’d expect from a small family winery, we offer small group tastings in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, with a spectacular view across the Barossa.

We enjoy sharing our 100% family estate grown and made wines with you.  We think you’ll find we are a pretty passionate little team, who really love what we do.

Come and meet the family, join us for a tasting.  Sharing the best experience possible is at the very heart of everything we do so bookings are always encouraged.

Venue Features

  • Cellar Door

  • Wheelchair Accessible

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - 10am to 4pm

Friday - 10am to 4pm

Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Sunday - 10am to 4pm

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