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Oil Painting

Jo Headon, based in the Fleurieu Peninsula, is an artist whose creations resonate with memories and narratives. The interiors and spaces she meticulously crafts tell tales of love, cherished places, and personal treasures. Jo intricately weaves her stories into captivating prints, whether expressed through wallpaper, textiles, or patterns inspired by the natural environment.

Surrounding herself with these elements serves as Jo's wellspring of inspiration for her work. Her artistic approach invites viewers to partake in intimate moments between characters, allowing them to become interlopers in personal spaces. Central to her creative vision is the vital role of colour, where she believes that each tone and shade carries its unique energy and mood.

Jo's artistic journey took shape through diverse creative activities, spanning murals, paintings, sculptures, and installations. As a mature age student, she pursued her passion at the Adelaide Central School of Art, specializing in sculpture. Her artistic prowess has garnered international recognition, with publications in esteemed magazines such as Candyfloss.

In Jo Headon's artistic realm, life is breathed into spaces through the delicate interplay of colour, light, and pattern. Embracing the unknown, she finds excitement and intrigue in exploring the energy and mood encapsulated within each hue. For Jo, the journey is as important as the destination, and her art reflects a continuous exploration of the rich tapestry of memories and emotions embedded in every creation.

Art Innovations Gallery

Art Innovations is a retail gallery located in the heart of Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. The Gallery showcases a diverse range of SA Artist’s works in a variety of art mediums including, paintings (watercolours, oils, acrylics, alcohol inks, mixed media), drawings, mixed media sculptures, jewellery and hand-blown glassworks. There is also have a small range of unique giftware items. Art Innovations Gallery also offers in house Art Workshops and are known for their fun, social Create & Sip Art Experiences which can also come to you and caters for all ability levels - including those who are complete novices. 

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Monday - Closed

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Thursday - 10am to 3pm

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Sunday - 10am to 3pm

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