Janette Humble at Kaesler Wines

About Janette Humble

Oil Painting / Pastels

Janette Humble, driven by a profound connection to the vibrant hues and narratives woven into the fabric of the world, strives to encapsulate the essence of fleeting moments through her art. In her pursuit, she distils the complexity of her observations into blocks of tones and shapes, endeavouring to convey the mood of each instance. Through a bold application of colour, expressive mark-making, and deliberate exploration of composition, Jannette crafts dynamic paintings infused with movement and energy.

Her artistic focus gravitates towards the raw beauty and harsh realities of life in the outback, where she finds inspiration in the compelling stories of this captivating environment. Described by admirers as edgy, vibrant, emotive, and expressionistic, Janette employs oil and acrylic, particularly for soft pastels. She revels in the medium's pure colours and its ability to gracefully capture light as it glides across the paper, making each stroke a joyous experience.

Janette's artistic journey has been recognised with numerous prizes and awards, solidifying her position as a notable figure in the art community. Her work has been featured prominently, including appearances as a showcased artist in Blue Thumb, Ozart Finder, and the TV series "Put Some Colour In Your Life." An annual contributor to solo exhibitions, her paintings have found homes adorning walls in Australia, the UK, Germany, and Singapore.

For Janette, painting serves to share the beauty she perceives in the world. Her ultimate goal is achieved when her creations evoke emotions or bring a smile to the viewer. With a global presence and growing accolades, Janette Humble continues to enrich the art world with her distinctive perspective and compelling artistic expression.

Kaesler Wines

A visit to Kaesler is more than just about the wine, it is a place to immerse yourself in the history of our estate and learn more about why Barossa wines are loved the world over. Originally the Kaesler family farm, the property is now home to our winery, 60ha of vineyards, the cellar door and the Kaesler Cottages. With our old vine vineyards, established gardens, historical buildings, tours, tasting and events, Kaesler is the quintessential Barossa experience.

Venue Features

  • Cellar Door

  • Food Available

  • Wheelchair Accessible

Opening Hours

Monday - 10am to 5pm

Tuesday - 10am to 5pm

Wednesday - 10am to 5pm

Thursday - 10am to 5pm

Friday - 10am to 5pm

Saturday - 10am to 5pm

Sunday - 10am to 5pm

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