Intro to Fabric Marbling – Afternoon Session

About the Event

Come and learn the magical art of ebru (marbling) and create your own unique fabric pieces painted on water surfaces with amazing marble patterns!

What the workshop will cover:

  • Brief history of ebru art
  • Review of the tools & materials used for fabric marbling
  • Information about pre-treatment process of your fabric for marbling
  • Information about preparing the marbling “size” (viscous solution)
  • The technique and application process of the paints for creating unique designs on the size surface - Transferring marbled patterns onto fabric
  • Information about the finished product process


In this two-and-a-half-hour workshop, you will learn how to create mesmerising abstract patterns on fabric. We will first start with a few examples of paper marbling to become familiar with the process and then proceed with fabric pieces. Each participant will have their own trays (30x40cm) and 3 pieces of small sized fabric (28x28cm).

There will also be a large size tray, which will give the opportunity to create one ~50x50cm chiffon scarf for each participant. The aim of the workshop is to give you the basic instructions of fabric marbling process so that you acquire the necessary knowledge to practice the whole process at your discretion.

What to wear:
Wear old clothes & old shoes as it can become a little messy.

Note: Marbled pieces created in our workshops may not dry on the day and you may need to collect them later.

About the Artist - Eda Tevrizci

Eda Tevrizci is a professional Ebru (marbling) artist living in Australia since 2016. She started to work on traditional Ebru art early in 2015 which stole her heart immediately and has been practicing it since then.

After living and running workshops in Melbourne for five years, she now conducts traditional ebru (paper marbling) and fabric and ceramic marbling workshops in Adelaide for art lovers who are open to a unique experience—paint on water surface.

Apart from workshops, she also creates tangible ebru designed jewellery and fashion accessories, stationery and home decoration products all of which reflect her vision of life.

For Eda, Ebru is a lifelong learning journey and she is keen to share her expertise with people while trying to achieve more each and every day. She loves the freedom and endless posibilities that Ebru offers and always looks for new and creative ways to adapt it to the new forms of today’s world.

Workshop Features

  • Adults

  • Textiles


  • Eda Tevrizci


  • CWA Hall, Tanunda


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Key Details

Date: 06/04/2024

Time: 2:30pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: $155.00

Venue Information

CWA Hall

70 Murray Street, Tanunda South Australia 5352, Australia

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