Finding Form – Watercolour Abstraction Workshop

About the Event

Working together with South Australian artist, Anthea find meaningful form within the everyday imagery and produce a watercolour artwork defining your interpretation.

All material supplied and suitable for all.

About the Artist - Anthea Louise Piszczuk

Anthea Louise Piszczuk, a seasoned artist, draws inspiration from abstract patterns found in the community and the environment, translating them into vibrant creations characterised by simplistic yet spirited colour and texture. Her artistic expression spans across various mediums, including fibre, pastel, paint, collage, or a fusion of these, resulting in visual masterpieces that are not only captivating but often tactile, wearable, or functional.

Having received training in Graphic Design in the late 1970s, Anthea embarked on a career in publishing before dedicating herself to introducing art techniques to children within the Education Department and in private settings. Her artistic versatility is evident in her commissioned works, where she employs various techniques to bring her unique vision to life.

Anthea holds a strong belief in making art accessible to all, a conviction that she actively pursues by crafting exclusive pieces available for sale at galleries, markets, and through social media channels. Her 'wearable art' fibre and jewellery range, in particular, has garnered enthusiastic acceptance and continues to evolve, showcasing her adept use of varied media.

Anthea describes her artistic process as a source of delight with each new piece, inspiring the next endeavour. Embracing a mindset of continuous exploration, she fills her mind with possibilities and challenges materials in her studio, often referring to it as her laboratory. As she passionately expresses, the journey is still young, and Anthea remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Workshop Features

  • Adults

  • Painting


  • Anthea Louise Piszczuk


  • Chateau Yaldara


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Key Details

Date: 07/04/2024

Time: 1pm to 3:30pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: $65.00

Venue Information

Chateau Yaldara

159 Hermann Thumm Dr, Lyndoch SA 5351, Australia




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