Diana Mitchell at Barossa Chateau

About Diana Mitchell

Mixed Media / Acrylic / Watercolour

Diana Mitchell, embarked on her artistic journey in 1973 when she was introduced to the intricate world of porcelain painting. Seeking a profound sense of accomplishment in the art world, Diana dedicated herself to learning from esteemed Australian teachers such as Margaret Dixon, Barbara Collingwood, and Trixie Emery. Her quest for mastery also led her to glean insights from international artists, including Jean Sadler, Mary Patusky, Paula Collins (USA), Peter Faust (Switzerland), and Derek Jones (Worcester Factory, UK).

In the late 70s, Diana's artistic prowess caught the attention of Chateau Yaldara, leading to a 16-year tenure as the resident artist during Vintage time. This pivotal period allowed her to develop a deep connection with Mr. Hermann Thumm and Mrs. Inge Thumm, porcelain enthusiasts who collected treasures from around the globe. Their patronage and mentorship transformed Diana into an integral part of the Chateau Yaldara family.

Hermann Thumm's encouragement spurred a new chapter in Diana's artistic journey. After selling Chateau Yaldara at the age of 80, he envisioned a new venture, a Chateau surrounded by roses, where Diana would serve as the artist in residence, specializing in detailed watercolor flowers. This visionary proposal marked a shift in Diana's focus, and she immersed herself in the world of watercolor, capturing the beauty of flowers and birds.

When Hermann and Inge passed away, their son Dieter and Lena assumed the reins of Chateau Yaldara, infusing fresh ideas and vitality into the estate. Even with changes in ownership, South Australia remained fortunate as Mark and Mandy Creed acquired the Chateau, continuing the dream initiated by Hermann and Inge. Diana, fortunate to retain her position as the artist in residence, showcases her art in the Gallery and contributes major works displayed in the Ballroom.

Diana's artistic journey evolved beyond porcelain on-glaze painting over the years. She taught the art for 15 years to a diverse range of students and became a member of the Australian Porcelain Art Teachers and the International Art Teachers Association. Her accolades in porcelain painting are numerous. In the past decade, Diana expanded her artistic repertoire, venturing into watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media paintings, as well as experimenting with various pieces on glass and lustre work.

Today, Diana Mitchell continues to honour Hermann Thumm's passion by capturing the essence of growing flowers and expressing her love for birds in her art. Her works stand as a testament to a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of artistic excellence and the enduring legacy of her connection with Chateau Yaldara.

Barossa Chateau

Barossa Chateau in Lyndoch, a building and estate which is grand in design, and a majestic home to wine, art, antiques, rose gardens and more. The Chateau itself presents as Baroque architecture, with renaissance style. Italian & French influence. This is a modestly substantial establishment providing cellar door for Creed Wines and colleagues, a tastefully presented gift store with art and a wide range of beautiful items with a rose and wine theme. The Chateau Café offers light refreshments and provides a lovely alternative to the usual wine menu.

Venue Features

  • Food Available

  • Wheelchair Accessible

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday - 10am to 3:30pm

Thursday - 10am to 3:30pm

Friday - 10am to 3:30pm

Saturday - 10am to 3:30pm

Sunday - 10am to 3:30pm

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