Claudia Fitzpatrick at Brothers at War

About Claudia Fitzpatrick

Digital Imagery

“I work with light and colour to create a multidimensional entry point for the viewer to engage in my surreal and mystical imaginary worlds. My intention is to provide an antidote to the starkness of reality by inviting the viewer to float inside the painting and find their own meaning within the art.”

Claudia Fitzpatrick is an internationally award-winning Irish artist currently living in Adelaide, Australia.

She is a multidimensional visual storyteller and a veteran Hollywood artist with over 30 years experience. She has co-created art for some of the most iconic Hollywood movie art campaigns, for international advertising campaigns and conceptual fine art. In recent years, she has moved from being an artistic collaborator to developing her own unique visual language and creating solo artworks.

Known for her magical photographic paintings, Claudia seamlessly blends artistry with technical expertise and craftsmanship. Throughout her career, she has been a trailblazing pioneer in the integration of art and technology. Her current practice utilises traditional artistic tools such as original photography, illustration and painting, which she then expands into the digital environment to combine and manipulate colour and lighting effects.

Always experimenting with new technologies for her ever-expanding creative palette, Claudia is currently embracing artificial intelligence as another tool in her practice. She has a fascination for how human creativity can merge with the computational ability of AI in the next evolution of artistic practice.

Claudia graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design Communications from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Design and Technology, Dublin, Ireland

Brothers at War

Home to Brothers At War since 2021, their cellar door boasts a rich history dating back to the 1850s and the settlement of Tanunda. Nestled in the heart of the Barossa Valley, this establishment stands as a testament to the region's steeped history, now embraced by a new generation in the lively main street.

Visitors to the cellar door are welcomed with tastings and delectable produce platters. The Brothers firmly believe that there is no better place to savour the experiences they offer, all set against the backdrop of heated topical family debates. After all, what harm can a little sibling rivalry bring? According to the Brothers, a few bruises and stitches are all part of the joy of brotherhood.

The tale of Brothers At War commenced in 2013 with a tonne of grapes and a vision to craft world-class wines that showcase unique expression. They focused on using small parcels of exceptional fruit sourced from some of the Barossa's most esteemed characters. Surrounded by the legacy of Barossa winemaking pioneers, including their 'Old Man' David Wardlaw, Angus and Sam found a destiny in the winemaking industry.

From modest beginnings with a parcel of Shiraz, the Brothers began to explore winemaking in their spare time on weekends. As their endeavours expanded to include Cabernet, the Fist Fight Shiraz and I'm Always Right Cabernet Sauvignon were born.

The Brothers also welcomed 'Some Other Guys' into their journey, such as 'Grape Grower' Chris Alderton, who swiftly became a director of the business alongside Angus. Over the early years, their vision organically grew. With a team of family and friends, they continue to stake their rightful claim in the industry. All the while, they uphold a family tradition, preserving a legacy with a wealth of award-winning wines and accolades proudly under their belt.

Venue Features

  • Cellar Door

  • Food Available

  • Wheelchair Accessible

Opening Hours

Monday - 11am to 5pm

Tuesday - 11am to 5pm

Wednesday - 11am to 5pm

Thursday - 11am to 5pm

Friday - 11am to 8pm

Saturday - 11am to 6pm

Sunday - 12noon to 4pm

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