Catherine Summers at Union Chapel

About Catherine Summers


Catherine Summers hails from the rugged landscapes of the Flinders Ranges. Her artistic journey is a testament to her ingenuity and unwavering passion for creative expression.

Growing up in this captivating environment, Catherine's high school years were marked by unique circumstances. Her art lessons were conducted through correspondence, and the essential supplies for her creative endeavours arrived in a box, a treasured memento she still keeps to this day.

Upon settling in Cleve, she became an integral part of the Quilters group, a commitment that spanned an impressive 25 years. Catherine's artistry underwent a remarkable transformation during this period, evolving from traditional quilting to more innovative textile art quilts. Eventually, her talents extended into the realm of textiles and mixed media. Her journey as an artist is a testament to her ability to adapt and embrace new forms of creative expression.

For Catherine, the act of creation is a lifeline, an addiction that fuels her artistic spirit. Drawing, stitching, painting, and sewing are all part of her creative repertoire, each skill contributing to the rich tapestry of her artistic work. Drawing inspiration from her extensive skill set, she weaves together fabrics and papers from her collection to craft small artworks and journals, each one bearing the mark of her unique vision and craftsmanship.

With a recent move to the Barossa Valley, Catherine's artistic horizons have expanded even further. New opportunities have blossomed, allowing her to share her art with a broader audience and embark on a new endeavour—a small creative business known as Fibre Bird Studio. This venture serves as a platform for her to showcase her exceptional talent and engage with art enthusiasts, offering them a glimpse into the remarkable world of Catherine and her creative journey.

Old Union Chapel

As the Barossa’s oldest public building, the Old Union Chapel’s history forms part of a rich tapestry of local church activities from the time of settlement. Built in 1844 to provide a place of worship for people of all denominations, this church became a meeting place for many years before falling into a state of disrepair and being uitlised as a farm building.

Restored in 1989-1994 as a Bi-centennial project to commemorate the local pioneering spirit and religious freedom, the Chapel’s rejuvenation saw it added to the Register of State Heritage in 1993. Since then, this unique public building has become a much-loved destination for locals and visitors looking to celebrate milestones in an historic setting. The Old Union Chapel is a multi-denominational public space.

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