Ancient Henna for Modern Self-care for Teens

About the Event

Henna has been in practice for thousands of years, used ritually in art, as makeup and as a blessing. Learn how to incorporate this ancient adornment into your life. Suitable for teens 12+.

About the Artist - Vanessa Rosen

Vanessa Rosen's fascination with henna traces back to her childhood in England, although opportunities for hands-on experience were limited until adulthood. As a bellydance instructor at a renowned Adelaide studio, Vanessa crossed paths with Jyothi, an Indian artist hired for a henna session at a bellydance function. Seizing the chance, Jyothi graciously offered Vanessa lessons in crafting her own natural henna paste from scratch, an opportunity Vanessa eagerly embraced.

This marked the inception of the solid foundation upon which "Velvet HENNA" would later thrive, now flourishing 18+ years down the road. Transitioning from a background in performing arts as a singer and actor, Vanessa directed her passion and commitment toward henna, transforming it into a joy-filled, natural henna-cantered practice. Her journey revolves around sharing the blessings, connections, and ancient rituals embedded in this vibrant art form. Diverging from being merely an edgy Western alternative to a tattoo, this art form finds its essence in living plant dye, encouraging a slowdown, embracing stillness, and fostering a sense of blessing, receiving, and connection.

Vanessa warmly extends an invitation to join her in experiencing the joy and self-care inherent in natural henna through hands-on workshops.

Workshop Features

  • Other Mediums


  • Vanessa Rosen


  • CWA Hall, Tanunda


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Key Details

Date: 07/04/2024

Time: 9:30am

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $45.00

Venue Information

CWA Hall

70 Murray Street, Tanunda South Australia 5352, Australia

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